Buying iphone from O2

    Hi, i was wondering when buying an iphone pay as you go from O2 in store do you have to buy airtime with it? It doesn't look like thats the case online at the O2 website but wasn't sure because i wanted to buy one in store tomorrow.

    Any info from someone else whos bought an iphone on O2 pay as you go in store would be appreciated.



    i got one for xmas, but i couldnt accept it, so she returned it.

    On purchasing, she HAD TO buy a £10 sim card (with a £10 on it), said there would be a refund if she brought the iphone back.

    She returned the phone, they hassled her over the sim, she sent it off, and only now, when she went back into o2, they have said they cannot refund the £10 and are sending the sim back to us.


    Yes, you do need to buy airtime (£10, I believe) !

    As if spending £400 + isnt enough.
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