Buying items from Germany through a 3rd party?


    I am trying to get hold of a very elusive pair of trainers and it seems one of the few places that this particular design style is in stock is in Germany.

    I came across a couple of websites in germany via a site called skinflint.

    So my question if anyone would be so kind to answer is it possible to buy certain items through a 3rd party website that then can forward the item on.

    Just curious if anyone knows of a site at all and has any experience.

    Cheers in advance.



    what are the said trainers?! ( i have no answer to your question but i am curious as to what the trainers are like!)

    I wouldnt bother :thumbsup:

    Cheers to transit for a great laugh!!!! Do they also do beach towels with a picture of Michael Schumacher's face?

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    The trainers are Puma Uke V.
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