buying laptop for uni....

    For my course I need no specific software other than office and a browser. ...

    What I want most from it is it to be thin and light with pretty decent battery life (8 hours if I can)

    12-14" would be perfect, 1080p would be nice, and i wouldn't complain if it had a touch screen .... but I can't ask for everything so will compromise on these bits if I have too...

    I can spend up to £450 but needs to be in argos as I will be putting it on a store card....

    Is there any of you lovely people who wouldn't mind helping me pick one?

    Main priority for me is battery and portability. ...


    Larger laptops with 15.6 screens tend to be cheaper than decent spec 12-14" laptops.
    Most smaller laptops will not have a 1080p screen unless they are well above the amount you have mentioned.
    I have no idea about battery life (although it should be respectable with this low power CPU) but if portability is important have a look at this:…htm
    It's a little smaller than 12" but 11.6 is close.

    Check out the Acer Aspires... a lot of them offer amazing battery life. I've had one for about 3-4 years and it's still going strong and still gives me 4-5 hours of video playback - used to do about 8 hours!
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