Buying Laptop From UK/US For Australia

Hey Everyone,

I live in Brisbane, Australia and am interested in buying a laptop. Considering the market in Australia is terrible, i would like to know if it is worth buying from the US/UK and even perhaps asia.

I currently go to university and would like to take it there so perhaps battery life is important, i also will be connecting it up to my 46" Sony HD tv for gaming and just general use so i think i would like a strong graphics card for gaming hdmi etc. I have read that the i7 is the best out at the moment so that is perhaps an option,

I do have tax coming in and would be willing to spend UP TO $400-$700 more on top of the $1200 to give myself some better range. I regulary buy stuff from overseas and was wondering whats the problem with buying a laptop from overseas and getting it shipped here? I know if i spend over $1000 AUD then import tax hurts so maybe i could get them to lower the price they say its worth - not sure.

If anyone out there could please help me with anything, i would appreciate it,




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Is it possible to get a laptop like this overseas? Also, is there a big difference between this and a $1400 laptop as this is on the upper limit of my budget.



usually got a half decent range in jb hifi and harvey norman, even myer or david jones?

what about china town, in sydney there is like a mini mall with heaps of laptops at reasonable price

you looking at about 70 quid just in postage and insurance from uk then taking out international warranty if it breaks

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So for the latest games at Medium settings, do you guys reckon a price of around $1400 would be enough? If the $400 more is just to be able to play the games at high then not sure if its worth it.

Also i was looking at this link from the US: *********…8ce

Doesnt have to be that brand, in fact i was thinking about Asus, but that seems cheap...

Any feedback appreciated,


EDIT: Also was looking at this:…tml

be aware that if you buy a laptop from the UK it will have a british keyboard, as far as I can tell, you guys use the US keyboard layout. there isn't much difference, but it might be enough to annoy you, and possibly wreck it's resale value. But then you can buy full replacement keyboards, or even just stickers.

Power wise there won't be a problem, obviously we're the same voltage as you, but laptops have come with switchmode power supplies for years now, that will happily run off anything from 110 - 240 so anywhere you got one from would be fine, you only need replace the cable that runs between the mains and the brick.

If you want international warranty a macbook might be a good idea as they cover you no matter where you are [i believe].

Dell do some very good deals...for example I got:
17" LED 900p
4gb DDR3
ATI 4650 1GB
Battery life = 2.5hours of medium usage.
this plays modern warfare at full everything at 1600x900 (native resolution), I picked this up from Dell Outlet for £550ish thus about $850

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That seems like a really good deal, do you live in Aus and get it shipped?


awoodhall2003,That seems like a really good deal, do you live in Aus and … awoodhall2003,That seems like a really good deal, do you live in Aus and get it shipped?

Afraid not, thus obviously that would be the problem. So you would either need to see what their shipping charge would be to get a dell shipped to Aus...or if you know someone in the UK to order it for you and ship it on to yourself.
It was a scorching deal, but it does keep coming in at around £550-600 mark fairly often, it is a good unit as well, being dell outlet it is 'refurbished' however mine cam as new boxed basically.
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