buying laptop from USA

    I'm buying a used laptop off someone from USA. Is there going to be any problems using it in UK. Only thing I can think of is the US keyboard and a 2 pin charger etc. Are there anything else.

    Not to techy hear. So sorry if this is a dumb questions.

    Any help is appreciated


    Import charges?

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    Import charges?

    I don't mean delivery etc. I mean to run the laptop will I have problems due to the fact it's an US laptop

    There will be no issues other the the slightly different keyboard layout and the need for a UK adapter or us/UK plug. Laptops / PCs are no different throughout the world.

    watch out for the mains adaptor as it is 110v in states and 220/240 over here some mains adaptors from states are not dual voltage plus if laptop goes wrong some guarantees are not valid over here

    Spell checker will spell things the American way Putting in z's instead of s's etc
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