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    Back in February I placed an order over the internet for an item and they accepted the order and took payment from my credit card. Since then I have phoned up to see where my goods are and been told that they are on backorder and the new date is blah blah. Every time I have phoned back on the new date it has always been put back again and again until finally today they have told me that they cannot fullfill the order as their supplier has discontinued the item. This item has not been discontinued by the Manufactuer as I checked today with them.
    Does anybody know my rights as order has been accepted and payment taken?? They want to refund my money but as the item was bought at an excellent price I want them to supply it. Thank you.


    thats rediculous, even when you consider the money they would make from the interest while they had your money...not too sure about the buying laws, there will probably be some clause somewhere that gets them off, but that is pretty out of order.

    name and shame


    name and shame


    I believe that there is a law that states they have to either supply or compensate you, but I can't be bothered to search. Sorry.

    I am sure there was something written on the Argos bed thread that mentions your rights with regards to this. Only thing is that is has over 900 posts and will take you ages to trawl through…=16

    If they have taken payment for the item then they must by law supply it if possible. If you are sure that the item is still available, then tell them you are now going to pursue this through trading standards as they are in breach of contract.

    Firstly, check if the company is in the UK as not all of our laws transfer to other places i.e Jersey.
    Secondly, check their terms and conditions to make sure that they confirmed the contract between you at the point of sale or at the point of dispatch (even if they have taken the money). Been through this myself with and the infamous printer saga.
    If they are in breach of contract under the sale of goods act then contact the Consumer Website, they are really helpful and its a free call.
    Hope this helps

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    Name and Shame = Euroffice

    discontinued doesn't need to mean the manufacturer stops makign them surely
    these places get them from suppliers not manufacturer
    yes its annoying but if they refund i dont think anything can do
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