Posted 3rd Apr 2018
So, this may be obvious to many of you; but I have only very recently have become aware of this method, in the last couple of hours, and so others may not be aware also.
So please don't just beat on me for being late to the party, just trying to make sure nobody else is missing out on taking advantage of these great deals!

So I'll just go over everything I've learned and if I miss anything, please cover this in the below comments!

The Nintendo eShop has different prices for different regions.
Some places it costs more for the same game than others, this could be for various reasons including but not limited to, different wages for poorer countries.
To view the prices for each game across all regions you can use a site such as (

Once you have found a game in the region you want, you can change your Nintendo account to that region in just a few clicks by going over to ( clicking on 'Profile' selecting the region you wish to be under and save those changes.
[NOTE / WARNING: SOME eShop stores will not work with this method, Mexico is definitely one of them. Might be worth checking before putting money into Revolut.]

Once you are on the region of your chosing, open the eShop on your Switch and you will be prompted to relog into the device following a change to your account.
Once logged on, navigate to the game you wish to buy, and there you will see it at the lower price point requested.
Then you can just purchase said game at the discount.
Now, if you purchase using paypal be aware there WILL be additional fees displayed here (…ees)

If you wish to get around those fees, one of the most popular methods is by using 'Revolut'
Revolut is an app you can get for your phone which does not charge currency conversion fees just exchanges at the rate in which those currencies are now worth.
To download Revolut go to ( on your smart device.

Once all set up with a payment method, purchase the game and then change your region back to where you live (Presumably the UK due to you reading this.) [The UK is listed directly under 'Gabon' in the list]
Questions I had - "Are my games tied to X eShop OR are they tied to my account?" - My account, you can download them from the eShop using your account, no matter which region and you wont need to re-swap back to redownload

ANOTHER IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE - All 'Gold coins' you earn from your purchases ARE locked to the eShop they were gained at. (i.e. I buy a game from the Italian store, then change to my UK store again, those coins will not show up as existing for use UNLESS used on another purchase in the Italian store)

Thanks to the HUKD members who pointed this out to me, teaching me something I never knew to make great savings, so I'm just sharing incase others don't know either.
Again, if I have missed anything, feel free to comment below, as it may help another user out!
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