Buying Nintendo Wii in the States

Found 18th Aug 2007
Heading over the pond in 3 weeks and was looking at the prices of this console over there - basically comes in at £125 with the sports game.

Obviously there is the voltage difference over here, but I read on…uOA this website that you can buy a stepdown transformer for £13.99. Given the Wii only uses around 18W of power, anyone reckon this would work?

Not too sure about the warranty issues however, or has the Wii got an international warranty?


Ring nintendo and ask what the warrenty includes.


[SIZE=2]You would have to contact Nintendo of America to claim on the warranty and pay all shipping costs. :thumbsup:[/SIZE]

also - you will be stuck importing games for the life of the console. even chipping it gives poor results with PAL games on a NTSC console.

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Thanks for the input folks.

Will have to reconsider what else to buy when I'm over there now.

Buy lots of DS games as we did when we went to the States earlier this year. They work out very cheap and aren't region specific.
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