Buying off eBay paying via BT - Protection ?


    I am thinking of buying a phone for £27 off gumtree but for both our protection he has offered to add it to eBay at a low price (to avoid fee's) , then I can BIN and pay him through BT as he doesn't like paypal due to bad past experiences ... basically what I am trying to ask is - would I have some protection ?




    BT is one way. Ebay might offer buyer protection though. Might be a genuine reason for dislike of paypal. Personally I'd avoid dealing with strangers in a transaction so weighted in favour of the seller.

    Consider putting in a wanted thread here, you might just get lucky, then follow the trading advice in full.

    Buyer protection on ebay.


    ^^ Oops - checking UK site now.

    Read this:…tml and this:…tml

    Dont think protection applies as you need to pay through paypal for that. Although not sure why seller would want to go through all the hassle, and not just ask BT directly on gumtree if seller is trying to scam. And ebay only add on fees, not avoid..?

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    Is there any courier that will allow payment on collection ?


    Well ebay do offer some sort of protection by you having access to the sellers real details and address.

    If you went through gumtree and paid via BT he could just give you a fake address. Also look at how good his feedback is, although usually means nothing to me. The easiest option would be to just buy normally through ebay or offer to pay the paypal fees.

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    Thanks everyone, the easiest thing would be to go to trowbridge but its 4 hours from me

    I'd be really concerned - you won't have protection with BT like you have through paypal, plus make sure he has good feedback and details otherwise he could claim that the phone was stolen, get the insurance money and block the phone a few months down the road.

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    Never mind everyone, thanks for your help and its just a shame I dont know anyone in Birmingham


    You think everyone on ebay has correct details?

    on most occasions yes i would assume so. One day my ignorance may get the better of me :oops:


    its just a shame I dont know anyone in Birmingham

    No, it's a definite advantage.

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    No, it's a definite advantage.

    haha repped :thumbsup:
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