Buying off here something that turns out not to work

    i paid £12 for a used copy of Farcry 2 on here in the form of a paypal gift, when i got the game it wont work on mine or a friends xbox 360, i asked him about this and he said it worked fine when he sent it, where do i stand with this and what can i do? he has more than 40 positive feedback and good rep


    Does it look badly sctatched ?,have you tried having it repaired ?

    ask for a refund?

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    its sorted, to his credit hes said to get a disk clean and he'll refund the cost, any idea how much this costs? or where is cheapest

    £1.99 game station

    blockbusters do the same disk repair service in store for aprox £2

    Grainger Games = £1.50 a disc

    That's if you have one local.


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