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    What sort of discount can you get buying a new home off plan I have £270000 to spend would be nice to get 10% off a £300000 home anyone had any experience with this?


    Where I work its quite common for the people to buy a house just from plot plans. No idea about discount though as it depends on the building company

    From my experience you're pushing too far with 10%, but always worth a try as it depends on the building company and how far into the project they are. 6.5% is more likely to be what you can get, but again depends on a number of factors including: popularity, location, starting price, etc. You might be more successful negotiating upgrades on all integrated appliances and getting a slightly more expensive house than the one you were going for, but paying the same as a smaller plot.

    Feel free to throw me £1100 to pay my debit off, ill give you 10% extra haha

    Market is swinging, try to get whatever you can.

    Don't be afraid of walking away with your final offer on the table (whilst leaving your number).

    We brought a house off plan earlier this year there is no movement for discounts we found as if we didn't pay full asking there was a queue of people be hide us who would this is in the reading area

    I bought a house in the NW mid last year. Spoke to quite a few developers sales people and estate agents. The feedback I got was that it was very hard to get any cash discount from them unless you pushed hard or were willing to take a plot on that would be the least desirable.
    What seemed to be happening was that the builders were willing to take Part Exchange properties at pretty much the full market value against the (inflated) cost of a new build. The builders then re marketed the Part ex at a reduced price. Since the market is static in the NW this works well for both parties. What was a bit depressing as a cash buyer was that like for like, a new build was about 20% more expensive than a resale property about 4 years old. Unsurprisingly, I bought a heavily reduced 2 year old property.
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