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    if i bought something for ebay for 1p and postage was £164.99, will i be covered via paypal if for example, i dont get the item


    [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]What would you buy????? A penny chew from the moon?[/COLOR]

    i think so yes, as long as you pay via paypal?
    Dont quote me on it though.


    [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]What would you buy????? A penny chew from the … [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]What would you buy????? A penny chew from the moon?[/COLOR]


    I would be reporting a listing like that


    I would be reporting a listing like that

    so would i, and would you want to buy from someone who traded like that, I wouldnt.

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    lol,im trying to buy a netbook.i told him that he could list that way so he wouldnt pay much but if you think its not a good idea then il tell him

    wow :roll:

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    oh well il see what he says,hope he doesnt charge me more!

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    i havent actually bought the item yet. someone didnt sell there item, so i emailed him to see if he could set up a buy now price

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    no, i dont, ive emailed him to say i cant do it that way, so il see what he says.thanks for the help guys


    stay well clear

    you're asking for trouble

    tell me make/model of the netbook so i can find you a better price


    its against ebay rules

    report it for avoiding ebay fees

    The seller could just sell to you at £0.01, put the normal postage cost £8.50 (for instance!), then edit the invoice at his end (where you can put any additions and discounts in before sending the invoice to the buyer!). I have done this before myself, when someone wants me to end the auction early or vice versa. Then if anything went wrong, you would get everything but the postage refunded so the both of you would be covered.

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    right ok, im looking for a ive texted him and he says that he wouldnt do it for 165 as he would be losing too much
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