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    Im looking to buy a PS3 and i have been looking online for the best deals. I just wanted to know if i buy from places like ShopTo, Zavvi, Amazon whats the situation with the free warranty? Do you get warranty and if so how long?

    PS : id greatly appreciate the help as i have not bought anything major from online and im sure a lot of you will have previously so i need to know about the warranty situation. Many thanks.


    Warranty online is exactly as it is instore.

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    I dont know what the instore warranty is though? And im not even sure if there is a instore for ShopTo and Amazon.

    If anyone has previously bought a console from any of these places online could they please tell me the situation with the warranty? Cheers.

    12 months

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    12 months

    Zavvi, Amazon and ShopTo yeah pal? Also is this the free warranty?

    I can vouch for amazon's customer service, it's probably the only online only places I'll buy big electronics purchases from, only ever bought games from Zavvi and shopto so can't comment on them.


    just avoid for big purchases as they wipe their hands of any responsibility after 28 days and refer you to the manufacturer (fine for sony but not for some others).

    2 year guarantee at Marks & Spencer if you concerned about warranty. Don't know what their prices are like but there is a 10 and 15% code about.
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