Buying online from USA - cheapest quickest way to send to UK?

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I want to shop online at a USA website, are there good companies who will send these to UK quickly and not too expensive? Thanks
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Make sure you are fully aware of all importing costs / tax etc. before committing to the purchase. Often, when these are taken into consideration there is very little savings vs buying via a UK website.
Quickly will involve a carrier who will declare the value to customs and then you'll get charged import/VAT and a fee from them for processing. Slow will be US post and you may avoid all that, it's one or the other.
No idea if they're any good or the prices but I've just opened the national rail app and the advert at the top of the page is for a company called Shipito, the ad indicates that they create you a US address, you shop online and they 'send your packages at the best rates'.
thanks ipswich78, is there somewhere I can check import/tax costs?
Here's the main .gov link for customs and import taxes;…ics
If you're buying anything that has a warranty, bear in mind that it may not be valid in the UK, or if it is, it may only be for 3 or 6 months, not the 12 months that we're used to.
Just today I received $49.97 worth of stuff from the US (included in that price was $14.99 shipping) and I got charged £13.78 by Royal Mail for HMRC fees and their own fees.
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