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Buying phone from someone who dont have proof of purchase/receipt!!

Posted 17th Oct 2014
Hi, Need information if I'm buying phone from someone who doesnt have original proof of purchase/receipt. I was advised by some local mobile shop keepers its too risky.

1. The phone might be on contract which later gets blocked if the account holder cancel/dont pay contract.
2. The phone might be pay as you go but the owner have insurance & can claim after reporting as lost/stolen.

Advice/suggestion to avoid getting a blocked phone & also how to find out if phone is pay as you go or on contract?
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Depends where you are buying the phone from.

I was worried about the risks of contract phones from buying an iPhone 4S off eBay. But the seller was being genuine and the phone still works today.
I rarely would trust things such as Gumtree, just because there is a lot of stolen goods flogged on that site. But it's really down to where you purchase from, and if you can get a reference off the seller from either feedback, or good word of mouth from a friend.
sold my iphone 5 on ebay last week with no receipts.... got a thank you message after they received it.

although i dont think i would buy one personally.
depends how you pay, if you purchase on ebay and pay using paypal you should be ok.

depends how you pay, if you purchase on ebay and pay using paypal you … depends how you pay, if you purchase on ebay and pay using paypal you should be ok.

unless your phone gets blocked after the paypal protection ends
I know people who have bought a phone and then found it barred after a few months, what with insurance plans and the like all it takes is an unscrupulous seller to sell the phone, get the payment/feedback and leave it a few weeks and then claim their phone has been lost or stolen and the insurance pays up and the IMEI gets reported and barred.

My advice would be to pay a little extra and get one from a trustworthy source.
thanks everyone. the reason to go for gumtree is the price margin. things on ebay are quite expensive & same goes if you pick one from shops. What if I ask for the proof of address, photo ID & a signature on an agreement of selling their phone willingly. If they report it lost/stolen can I not provide those ids to get it unblock??
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Find one with a reciept thats been bought outright rather than a contract phone with reciept.
Even with a receipt - from the Apple Store for example - they can get blocked. It's happened to me.

My advice is to stay away from Gumtree unless you're buying cheaper devices, unless the source is VERY legitimate. It's not worth the risk. I suspect Gumtree prices are much lower because unscrupulous sellers have a way of getting rid of stuff quickly and with no recourse on there.
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