Buying rugby tickets for England vs Aussies or NZ at Twickenham in Nov? Tips for visiting Twickers?

Found 24th Aug 2009
I'm looking for websites to buy tickets for these games when they are released. I know about tickermaster.co.uk but can anyone recommend any other sites?

Seem to be a lot of tout-type sites around - don't know which are good and which are not.

Also, any tips for visiting Twickenham? I've never been.

1. Where are good places to sit - lower or middle tiers?

2. Should I drive and park (where?) or get the train?

3. Are there any good places to go for a beer and food afterwards?

Thanks very much!
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1. Lower or middle tiers are best, I would avoid sitting behind the posts as it is hardert of follow the game this way.

2. Train - Twickenham station is a 10 min (max) walk from the ground (overland train from Waterloo or Vauxhall)

3. Loads of pubs in Twickenham or Richmond but all crowded before and after games. Excellent atmosphere though. Cabbage Patch pub just across from the station is very popular.

Here's the problem, the only official ways to get tickets are:

1. Be a member of a club and get them through them (hard as each club will get a small allocation and will typically be cherry picked by senior member etc)
2. Join the England Supporters Club and go in the ballot for each international
3. Buy through an official agent (you will pay through the nose)
4. You could take a chance and buy through ebay but you will risk getting there and not being let in as the RFU actively monitor ebay

You can generally get tickets for lesser games like Argentina, Italy and the Barbarians via Ticketmaster. They sometimes release a small allocation for bigger games but you will need to be an England Supporters club member to buy (need to enter your membership number).

Tickets are usually around 65 to 70 for the bigger matches for a decent seat.

Hope this helps.
That's really helpful, thanks.

So is it a case of hitting Ticketmaster the minute they go on sale, or am I really unlikely to succeed this way? Do I need to join the England supporters club to buy them at all? (other than going to one of the touty sites)

Where do the 80000 tickets go if not to Joe Bloggs supporters??
As I say, some matches like the Argentina and Italy games usually go on general release so anyone can go. Demand tends to fluctuate so best to get in early if you want to go.

Tickets for the major internationals and 6 nations are either through the ballot (if you're a member of the supporters club) or through a limited release through ticketmaster (you must be a member of the ERSC to be able to buy though).

I would say to join the ERSC and enter the ballot.

Most of the tickets are released to clubs and schools, then there is a huge amount of debenture tickets (where you pay an annual or 10 year lease to guarentee you a ticket for each match), then there is corporate hospitality etc. A small remainder get released to ERSC for the ballot. Any returns etc are usually also alllocated to ERSC nearer the time of the match via ticketmaster.

It is said that they could easily sell out the stadium 5 or 6 times per major match such is the demand.

Personally I hate their ticket policy but there you go. Got tickets for England vs Scotland this year which was great, got those via a late release through ticketmaster (using my ERSC membership number) after missing out on the main ballot. The demand was massive (ticketmaster site was on it's ****) but I was lucky enough to get a couple.
Man, I wasn't expecting their ticketing policy to be so restrictive. I figured that a chunk of them would be allocated corp hospitality and ERSC etc, but thought that would leave like 70,000 for Joe Public!! How wrong can you be...

Entering the ballot sounds fine (although it seems like a barely-masked attempt to get more money from ERSC memberships) but I want to go with three friends, and I guess they allocate the ballot tickets in pairs? Which wouldn't work out. I guess the only other way is to pay through the nose. It's not exactly encouraging more people to go and watch rugby live. Oh well.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
Yes the policy is crap as the real fans mostly miss out unless you're one of the lucky few to get picked in the ballot.

Personally, I couldn't give a crap about giving the huge numbers away to schools etc. I think everyone should have the same chance (minus the inevitable corporate sales).

One thing it ensures is that you really get a lot of genuine fans there so it's always a good day.

Definetely a problem if you want to get 4 people to go as you wouldn't be able to sit together even if you were lucky enough to both get pairs of tickets (2 people would need to be ERSC members of course!)

I'd spend the money on a trip down to a good rugby pub to watch it with your 3 pals, plenty of atmosphere and spend the 70 odd quid ticket price each on beer and a curry at the end of the night!

Oh and if you do join the ERSC, don't try and sell the tickets on eBay, they will catch you and you'll be banned from being in the ERSC forever.
Yeah the same thought crossed my mind - go an watch it in the pub! Thanks anyway.
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