Buying Samsung M30s from India to use in the UK

Posted 1st Oct
Hello, I'm looking at buying a Samsung M30s as the spec looks amazing. It was released a few days ago and currently only sold in India. Would there be any issues using this phone in the UK? I've checked the frequencies EE uses and the phone uses 2/4 of these so I should get both 3G and 4G. Just looking for some advice. Thanks

Link to phone…0s/

UK frequencies…ow/

Phone spec…im/
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They will work fine here in UK. Liking the phone for that price!
Which which frequencies is it missing, obviously band 20 which means it's an instant nope from me (lack of VoLTE, poorer indoor and rural cover), but what other? Has it got 3 & 7.

You've not said the price but I'd just get an xiaomi with proper band support, I mean the huawei mate 20 pro and p20 pro have both been under £155.
I wouldn't bother. They are probably built for Asia not for eu
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