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Posted 2nd Nov
Hi all...

Trying to purchase a second hand iPhone 11; there’s a few on eBay and of course I’m wary about new sellers and bad feedback etc however paying so much for a phone a dodgy area. I know people can report them stolen etc later but surely in this day does that still work?! Wouldn’t it show a different SIM card using it for months etc. Any advice would be great thanks...

I have managed to get a refurbished 11 pro max gold 256gb from 4gadgets for £1039 however doesn’t come boxed with all the apple accessories
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Proof of purchase through eBay should be enough for you to show the network carrier.
PayPal also secures buyers
Yes but I’ve heard of people doing it even later than the eBay/PayPal security
Don’t know about eBay, but I’ve had this happen with iPhones purchased from cex. Had 4 iPhone 8’s in a row all blocked after about a week. Luckily I could just return them to my local cex for refund/exchange, can’t do that on eBay.
The original owner can always report it lost/stolen and the network will always blacklist it even past the 90 days that Paypal/Ebay give.
The fact that a different sim has been used it the phone isn't a factor...
Really??? That’s ridiculous
Shops such as music magpie are okay but with private sellers and unknown shops Always a possibility of being blocked but if you must I would ask for receipt. You don't want upgrade phones unless they can show that it's been paid off so ask for that to be included. Cc may give better protection in this case.
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Sorry what’s CC?
Ah I see... credit card through eBay better?
daniellaaustin02/11/2019 10:00

Ah I see... credit card through eBay better?

There's a grey area with marketplace sites such as eBay. As long as you don't pay a third party to process the transaction i.e PayPal then you should be covered. Although I did read someone paid via credit card directly to eBay and PayPal processed the transaction, therefore they weren't covered. I asked eBay who processes their payments they said only PayPal do, so looks like no protection if using credit card better of sticking with PayPal.

By the way if you click the quotation sign " under the comment you want to ask something this will tell that person your replying to them otherwise they won't know.
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