Buying / selling on HUKD... tips and advice

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    Thinking of buying and selling on HUKD?

    Read the rules ]here and ]here

    also below i will list payment methods and general info


    1...Feedback : Always look at the sellers feedback, either click the link under their name in a post e.g

    or their feedback score is displayed at the top of all of their topics in the FS Section

    Read their feedback espacially when a negative is present, this will enable you to be sure if the seller
    is reliable for the sale.

    2...Pictures : Ask for pictures for clarification of the condition of the goods espacially on electricals
    such as mobile phones.

    3.. Payment : Always pay by a method that you feel safe..The most common methods are paypal and bank transfer.
    When paying via paypal always ask yourself "do i feel safe sending money to this person?" .. Base this on their
    feedback... if the answer is no then offer to pay via normal paypal but you offer to pay the fees, you are covered
    if the seller cannot prove the item has been recieved by you. You would only recieve any money left in their account though.
    You can also pay via paypal gift which there is no fees, but you lose the paypal protection, only do this if you trust the
    Bank transfer is a payment where you send the money straight from your bank account to the sellers. This has no comeback
    if the goods are lost / damaged so only use this method when trusting the seller.

    4.. Seller Details : ALWAYS ask for the sellers details such as address,email and phone number.. and try the number to make sure
    its not faked. I only offer this on high value goods but should be used for all transactions. With this info you can help yourself on
    step #6

    5... Physical inspection : When buying expensive electricals (phones, games consoles) always see if its possible to view the items
    Doing this could save you a lot of hassle. It may not be possible though as people could be anywhere in the UK.

    6.. Not recieved goods: Paid for items and not recieved ? The first action is to contact the seller via PM / e-mail and
    politely let them know the goods haven't been recieved. I always leave 5 days before contacting a seller about lost post

    If the seller doesn't answer their emails within 2 days then ring them but be nice.. Wait a few more days for delivery, if not recieved at 10 days
    then ask the seller for a refund. They will need to recover the cost of the item from the postal office.

    If the seller refuses a refund, then claim for your money back. there are two ways to do this, if you paid via normal paypal
    then open a dispute for the transaction, if paid via BT then you will need to file a small claims action against the seller
    this will cost you £20 and will be refunded if you win the claim. If you paid via paypal gift then you have no
    way except a small claims to recover the cost. When making the claim, you need the sellers residency (see #4)

    7.. the most important rule is be vigilant, e,g. if an item seems to be too good to be true then ask the seller questions
    asking questions can reassure you,


    1.. put up pictures of your items, describe them to your best knowledge, offer any other feedback such as AVforums or ebay
    be prepared to send your item first to a seller with lots of feedback.. This gets you the sale but payment would be
    recieved once the item is recieved. This ensures the buyer doesn't lose out.

    2.. Offer the buyer the chance of Paypal if they pay the fees, this means the buyer has a form of protection when buying

    3.. when Sending goods, send via a service that covers the price of the item.e.g. royal mail 1st class/ second class
    only covers upto £39 or 10x the value of a stamp. To send over £39 you need to send special delivery (always send phones / gift cards this way)
    any bulky items should be sent via couriers such as DHL from £8 at [url][/url] or Fedex from £9 at [url][/url]

    4.. When sending via royal mail, ask for a "certificate of posting". This can only be recieved when sending from the Post al office.
    This proves to royal mail that the item was sent and your covered for the lost parcel
    keep the slip safe as it may be needed, keep it till the seller informs of recieved package

    5.. answer buyer questions about delivery and provide a tracking number (only recieved if using royal mail recorded / special delivery and couriers)

    The most important part for sellers and buyers is the feedback, always leave feedback after a transaction, as this offers
    other buyers / sellers a little knowledge on how your transaction went. This can prove handy for future sales

    hundreds of sales go by every day with no problems, as most buyers and sellers follow the above,

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    list of couriers

    Dell 48 Hours £7.92t [url][/url]
    Fedex £7.99 + vat [url][/url]
    CityLink £10.99 + vat [url][/url]

    finding sellers info
    members have said about using

    enter the users name and their location (town / post code) and the details should match the details given by the seller

    also googling their username / real name & post code can throw up some relevant information



    Thinking of buying and selling on HUKD?Read the rules here and here

    Cool.... all sorted now! :thumbsup:

    Some great advice. I'll use this Thread as a Fall Back if people are new to HUKD and havent bought or sold anything. Little more read friendly than the actual HUKD FS/FT Rules. Rep for your effort :thumbsup:

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    Cool.... all sorted now! :thumbsup:

    just added links .....

    added images for clarification too

    List of couriers is..... interesting :thumbsup:

    Good post, will be helpful to many inc me



    reserved for list of couriersDell 48 Hours £8+vat … reserved for list of couriersDell 48 Hours £8+vat [url][/url]Fedex £7.99 + vat [url][/url]CityLink £10.99 + vat [url][/url]

    Correct Parcel2go cheapest is 7.92 inclusive of VAT.

    Nice little guide.

    maybe this should be stickied?

    really good post repped

    good job

    Postage is covered up to £39 now for 1st/2nd class isn't it?

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    If you are going to take the time and trouble to write a guide like this, … If you are going to take the time and trouble to write a guide like this, it would have been helpful to put it through a spell checker first. :thumbsup:Also, I don't think too many people will see it, posted this late at night.:?

    i used notepad and normally type without errors but will correct


    Postage is covered up to £39 now for 1st/2nd class isn't it?

    yup forgot the postage went up, its covered to 10 x the cost of a stamp

    anyone has anything to add i will:thumbsup:

    Thank you!

    I was looking for this today!!

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    added info about .....

    anyone has recommendations i can add, ?
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