Buying shares. Any TIPS ???

    anyone have any tips or know where to get best ifo regarding buying shares, which shares are hot etc etc!!


    i wouldnt bother - no offence but there's people with years and years of trading experience that get the markets wrong - so what chance have you of getting it right?

    if you feel that the markets down and you want to take a risk then have a good look at the performance of some of the fund managers - dont be fooled by the new boys with great short term returns over the last 12 - 18 - 24 months - ask anyone who poured funds into technology funds a few years ago!! look for someone with a good history.

    you need to asses your risk attitude too - are you looking for capital safe plans with no risk to capital and the potential for better growth - but with a risk of simply getting your money back after 5 years? or are you happy to take a high risk - maybe make bundles in a short period of time - or maybe lose it all??

    then youve got to look at term - short term - ie 1,2,3 years - forget investments theyre usually medium term - at least 5 years. is it posible you'll need access - there may be heavy penalties if you encash before the terms up on a bond - do you need income or growth - or both???

    be careful seeking advice - banks and building societies are generally tied to one provider - independant advisors may only deal with certain companies - often the ones who pay the highest commisions!!

    the world of financial advice is a perilous one - i know ive been in it for over 20 years - and I wouldnt trust anyone at all!!

    you need to think long and hard - if youre talking about investing a £1,000 - whats the point? you might make a few quid but your not going to make anything lifechangingly different - if youve only got that much to invest it sounds like you cant afford to lose it.
    if youve got a lot to invest - you really shouldnt be asking chancers on here for advice!!! I've heard every reason you could think of - my neighbours son is an accountant at BT and hes seen the annual reports, my wifes neice works at a printers and theyve just printed a takeover bid offer for such a body, my dog dug up a magic lantern and the genie said that I should buy brasso shares - all a load of codswallop!! people - and i mean people who have spend years training to do this- trawl through accounts, projected this and that statements, upcoming legislations that may affect a business, current sales figures, estimated sales, trends and so much more - hundreds and hundreds of hours studying one one company - and they still get it wrong - yet i used to see 'joe bloggs' who knew better because his mates son was a temp at BT for 2 days!!

    this advice has been offered free of charge and without actually recommending any course of action - this should only be undertaken after completing a full financial fact find and blah blah blah!!!

    have a look on [url][/url] for some good interest rates - see if theres any fixed rate bonds - be quick the rates just dropped and may well do again soon!!

    ^ some really good advice there.
    If you can't afford to lose it, don't do shares, unless you're an expert.

    Even the seemingly 'safe' options can crash - eg BAE, Egg, Northern Rock, Shell all have done in the past .... bare that in mind when deciding whether shares are right for you :-)

    i would advise against investing in shares at the min, even if you are a risk taker this is a risk not worth taking.

    the markets are on a downer at the min, mainly fuel by sub prime crisis and oil prices, and also reported problems in asian markets

    Share dealing is good if you are not bothered about losing it. i.e. cut down on drink and fags and put that money into share

    The main thing in share dealing is the broker fee.
    Also Find somebody who is already doing share dealing on line who can refer you and you both get "introductory balance in your account like in those gambling sites"

    follow this thread on ]MSE.
    There are some people who are looking for people like your self and even are redy to share their introduce a friend bonus with you.

    let us know what you do.

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