Buying Shares-cheapest Place

    Hi can anyone recommend a place to buy shares
    ie cheapest commission charges and no hassle when selling?

    Also any tips on buying?

    How about Northern rock, whats the future feel?
    IS it a good buy?!


    well i use selftrade they are pretty good and cheap

    £12.50 to buy and sell

    and if you are gonna purchase £500 worth we will both get £50

    let me know if your interested

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    you get £50 referral?
    what the commission rate-is it £12.50 to buy and then when you sell em its £12.50?
    do you get online or paper certificates?

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    I use

    owned by halifax I think.

    £10 a trade

    I been using iweb for quite a few years. Was the cheapest back then and still £10 as smoothe wrote above!

    Keep an eye on northern rock, they are going up and down like a yoyo on a daily basis. Could have more than doubled your money if you bought them a couple weeks ago, although they are on a downwards trend it seems at the moment.

    Do those £10 places mentioned charge £10 for sales AND purchases and what other charges are there?

    I am with self trade, recommended by someone else and moved my family onto it, made the family and myself £400ish in referrals in doing so, moving everyones shares via crest to selftrade.

    But selftrade = £12.50 for every sale and every buy, and no other charges at all...


    Re Northern Rock, last week when the price went under £2 it shot back up to £2.73 cos a major share dealer bought in for the long term. With Richard Branson wanting to get in on the deal, something tells me its worth a punt. Keep in mind, they are a very liquid company, they have massive assets, and before they announced they want to get a loan the shares were nearly £8 a piece.

    Oh by the way, many other UK banks are loaning money from the european bank fund, however unlike the Bank of England, they do not need to publicise there lendings, so word has not got out and they haven't taken a hit like NR.

    its £12.50 to buy and £12.50 to sell

    and its a nominee account so you get online shares no certificate, no difference really

    yes we both get £50 as long as you deal up £500

    also bear in mind it has no other charges so you can hold onto your shares for as long as you want no yearly charges

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    oh right this might be interesting but at the moment i am kinda new and just trying to do a bit of research 1st if do go with them i will definitely add u as referral
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