Buying software online that's priced in USD and avoiding currency conversion costs?

Found 17th May
What is the best way to buy software online that's priced in a foreign currency (USD) and avoid paying currency conversion costs on your credit card?

The software that I want to buy can be bought with CC or PayPal.
Paying directly with a CC, would add conversion costs.
So the best way would be PayPal.

Would it be best to add sufficient funds into my PayPal account before I made the purchase or just buy it using PP and have it charged to my CC?
If that makes sense? I'm not sure if PP would auto convert $ to £ before billing me.

The software isn't that expensive (under $40), but I don't want to spend money when I don't need to.
This is HUKD after all

Thank you.
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I use my Monzo card for things like this
I have a spare fair fx card and get better rates than the my bank or credit card conversion rates
Get a Revolut card. You can get a virtual card on the app and use that straight away, but also via a referral you can get a free physical Visa card at the moment.…462
If you don't want another card, you can opt to pay in £ via PayPal and charge directly to your card - there is no need to top up PayPal beforehand. Just go through checkout and you will be given this option (exchange rate works out worse than fee free card though).

There may also be an option to convert the price on the software website to £ before paying (but the site's exchange rate might be even worse).
there are few travel credit card don't have fee on foreign currency purchase.
post office or Halifax clarity credit cards are the easiest way of doing it, use on holidays as well.
Another vote for the Halifax CC. PayPals (sometimes hidden) conversion fees are quite high.
Thank you all very much for your help and advice
Yep, I'd also recommend Halifax's Clarity credit card.

Aside from that, don't immediately write off using a standard credit card as inferior to PayPal, as while the conversion fees will typically be emphasised with a credit card, PayPal roll it all up into a poorer exchange rate.
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