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Found 8th Oct 2008
Hey guys!

Thought I'd as here as no doubt folk will be in the know

If I am buying clothing from America what is the maximum before I may have to pay customs tax? I bought from a site before and was hammered in customs tax...

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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I have a similar question. If I buy a dvd of PlayUSA for £28.99 what is the likelihood of customs being added?
Read the ]HMRC guidelines
be very careful they also charge on the shipping charge i bought 2 jumpers a couple of month ago got the jumpers for $20 each had to pay $45 shipping got charged customs £16 worked out at nearly £60 wasnt worth it in the end.
It's no more than £18.

If over you have to pay customs charges plus £9 to Royal Mail on top.
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cheers. doubtful its gonna be worth it with cost of shippnig... thanks
Shipping is not included in HMRC calculations so you can buy something for around £18 before shipping and you should be OK not matter what the shipping cost is.
We've had loads of parcels from the USA via E Bay and depending on value if it's not a shop etc ask them to tick green custom tag as a gift for $10 and I've not had to pay as it's below there catch limit as I was told. Not had anything in last year so. It's a game of chance & risk lol.
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