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Found 5th Oct 2017
Hi everyone!

Me and the Mrs are off to Florida in April and to secure some brownie points I will be looking to buy some tickets for the new Pink tour... The Florida leg happens to be there when we are.
Have any of you bought tickets for a show or a gig in the US and have had them delivered to the UK at all? Any problems or suggestions as to which respectable website(s) to use?

Cheers... :-)
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A there should be an option to collect at the arena at the Will call window/office. But these days some tickets will be done digitally by mobile phone anyway. I have bought tickets for a few gigs and sporting events in Florida in the past with no problems at all.
I used throughout the summer in NYC to go to several gigs and had no problems, all tickets were sent digitally so you could print at home or show on your phone. Its more of a fan to fan platform though.
We've bought loads of tickets for places in New York\Florida\Boston and always use will call window. Just remember ID and a credit card. Also talk slowly, the amount of Americans that just look at you confused if you talk in a British accent is unbelievable
If already there I just collect at the desk or have them sent to the hotel, in fact if your staying at a decent hotel the concierge can sort out any tickets for a tip.

The concierge at our hotel in Miami was awesome and managed to get us tickets for gigs and events that "were sold out".
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