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Found 19th Jan
So going to part-exch my car for a newer used car.

Can you haggle on both
-price of the used car
-part exch value?

When we were in a dealer last week all they were interested in was my part-exch value?

Any tips.

eg if price of the 2yr old used car is £8k and I think my car might be worth £4.5k.
Can I first haggle the £8k down a bit and then try get my part exch up in value?

Or do they simple only care about the hand-over amount?

Many thanks!

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haggle on the part ex, or the other.
both is meaningless.

The only valid point here is the cost to change. In other words, how much money you have to part with, on top of your part ex, in order to get the best deal.

Invariably, you may get a good discount on the new car, but be low balled on the valuation of your part exchange, and at other dealers it will be the other way round.

And don't forget, you may value your car at £4.5k, but I'll guarantee you the dealer won't. They will offer you trade price for your part ex, which could well be over £1k less.

Put your car details into Webuyanycar.Com and go by their valuation as an indication of what your car is worth. Then ask the dealer what they will value your car at, at least you'll have an idea if your being low balled. Also tell the dealer, after they've valued it, that you've been offered "xyz" from Webuyanycar, they may match it.

Best option, is to sell your car privately, and then haggle for the best discount.
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As above, Autotrader will also give you a PX price. Its the amount of money you end up paying that matters.
Be prepared to walk away, there will always be more and leave it until the end of the month if you can.
Avoid any extras especially warranty packages, most are a complete waste of money.
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