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Found 24th Aug 2017
What is the general consensus these days regarding buying a used car (3-4 years old) from a dealership of the same name?
Example Suzuki swift from a Suzuki dealer that sells both brand new and used cars of the same name.
Do they offer any discount off the screen price?
Can you haggle and get the price down?
Any other tips or tricks to get a better deal?

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Just lease something
After taking to many dealers a couple of months ago none would even reduce the screen price if I heard one I heard ten times with the internet we have to be competitive well to me that doesn't sit right after all these years of getting a discount
As above, most will just claim it's their best price on the window, I had this at the end of last year when I needed another car. It took me by surprise having always haggled.
But, having said that, you don't ask, you don't get.
From experience, I don't think there is a lot of difference between Franchise dealer and a 'good' independent. Both will have done the minimum to get the car on the forecourt. It is up to you to test drive and spot anything faulty. After sale, I think faults tend to get sorted out quicker with a franchise and they have the technical kit in the workshop to identify make specific issues and access to the manufacturer recall data. All this can be done by good independants, but somehow they are trickier to find.
Generally, you might pay more for a 2nd. hand car from the Franchise. But, the key here is that they might, repeat might, be offering a manufacturer back warranty, which is worthwhile insurance.
Regarding price, most will haggle down a bit depending on the model, how long they have had it, the general state of the trade. Buying around the end of the calendar month when sales targets have to be met helps. Or just after a new registration comes out when they have had lots of part ex'c in.
Best tip is to walk away of you can't get the deal right for you. It is harder than you think in the excitement of getting new wheels, but there will always be another on the market next week.
Go at the end of the month or when the new plates/modela are out, be willing to walk away and you'll get a discount.
You'll be keen to get their commission or to clear stock for newer models/plates

You might get 5-10% off the ticket price and some freebies (roadtax, tank of petrol or other small things), but nothing major like in the pre-internet days.
I still think it varies dealer to dealer - some mark up the screen prices, others have them listed at their lowest selling price.

I recently bought a 12 month old car and compiled a database for the model I wanted recording screen price mileage and age - used this to get the best price I could. Compiled the database using nationwide dealers.

Ended up buying a car from Motorpoint paying the screen price - was in on 31st December and after a couple of hours of haggling best I could get was £10 off - but still in the order of £500 cheaper than I could have got the car from anyone else!

Would have prefered to have bought from a franchised dealer but too expensive - and arrogant! Motorpoint were very good - car has been great since purchase, never missed a beat!
All of the commission these days is with financed cars there's no incentive for a salesman to really bother making the effort adjusting the price to sell them. Like 80% of all new car sales are now financed by pcp or the likes.

Its Not sustainable really people are buying cars they couldn't normally afford, then in 3 or so years getting another new car. eaving loads of nearly new cars nobody can sell or worse the car market goes downhill and everybody owes more than their cars worth at the end of their PCP.
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