Found 26th Nov 2016
hi guys I'm looking to buy some wood (around 75mm diameter and 500m long) and was wondering if anyone knows where to buy some, timber yards don't seem to stock natural straight off the tree stocks thanks again

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Where are you based? There are hundreds of timber merchants around but their stock really varies depending on where they are.

Timber (assuming thats what you want) isn't uniform sizes or styles so contacting a few directly is what I'd do.

Buying online is prone to mistake and disappointed. I've bought huge prices of wood paid a fortune to deliver and they are twisted and split and couldn't be used.

Definitely agree with going to a proper wood yard so you can pick which lengths you want. If you get it online they'll just send you any and will be a mess about if it comes twisted.

Look up local arboretums. They sell buy the car full. Find a wood burner shop. Ask them as they will tell you where to go to get wood .

500m? Good luck with finding timber that long.....:p


500m? Good luck with finding timber that long.....:p

Wow . That would be a huuuuuuuuge tree.

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haha 500mm sorry, I mean basicly wood which has literally been just cut off the tree

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like branches only the thickness I want it at

Go see a tree surgeon or landscape gardner. They chip a lot of branches. Then get it cut down to size.
Might warp later though depending how it dries.
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