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Found 4th Dec 2015
I've seen quite a few guides about buying xbox games from foreign countries and am thinking of giving it a go due to the huge savings possible. I've seen a few games on xbox Brazil and have been trying to buy them by changing my xbox region to Brazil. The problem it, it asks for a CPF number which is like a social security number, and also my cards were rejected.

I've found a site that sells Brazillian xbox live credit at a pretty reasonable price, and wonder whether anyone else has tried to do it this way?
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Haven't personally tried it but was talking to a mate about this the other day and he buys the credit from a website and then buys the game. He uses Brazil a lot by the sounds of it.
you can't use any card linked to your uk address you need to find somewhere they sells the codes
buying from brazil with a credit card didn't work for me but Russia did using a vpn. Buying credit will work fine. Your balance will show separately for each region you have credit in. And you can buy credit from microsoftstore, although I never worked that method out. Supposed to work without a vpn doing it that way.
Ok cheers. I wanted to find someone who'd already done it before I tried it myself. It says on the offgamers website for the xbox credit...
- This product is applicable for BR Xbox Live only (It is NOT redeemable for Xbox Live accounts created in other countries than the Brazil).

But I'm hoping that if I change my location to Brazil and maybe use a vpn I should be ok. The game I'm looking at is about £12 from Xbox Brazil as opposed to £30 from the UK.
xbl can be had for less than £20 on ebay or from cdkeys
Thanks Benjamin. If I buy credit from microsoftstore can you use that in any region though? I thought you could only use it in the region you'd bought it.
Can anyone recommend any websites to buy credit from? Offgamers looks ok.
credit is region specific. You can't buy items from other regions with uk credit, you can't buy foreign credit with uk credit. They are completely separate. But all on the same account. Can't comment on offgamers.
Follow this guide, save a ton of cash, smile.…463

Same applies for all regions (bar Brazil).
What you are thinking of doing. I did do with the Russian store.

Cheap games

I couldn't speak Russian
Couldn't change back to uk region for 3 months (can't remember how long but sure it was 3 months)
Dashboard and achievements were in Russian till I could change back to uk (was a real pain,when trying to get max gamer score for certain games)

cdkeys is good for xbl
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