Hey im looking to buy a new phone and i came across and im just wondering if they are trust worthy enough to buy from and if anyone has baught from them before and their experiences. Much appreciated.


    never heard of them....although from the site they seem legit

    I've used them before and got the contract I wanted with a free Xbox 360 Elite.

    Had no trouble whatsoever, don't forget to use Quidco too, I think they pay out about 20 quid as well!

    Always a good sign if they are on Quidco too!

    i got an n85 from them a few weeks ago. came 2 days later and had to send off a claim form for the free xbox pro. that did take just over a week to get here though because of stock issues. i would fully recommend them tho!!

    I got my phone from there last year, only got cheap deal so no freebies. Quick delivery and not had any problems with them. Would use them again.

    I got a phone from them with a free 32" sony telly!! had to wait just over week (after sending of the form for free gift) for the telly but came and it is goood! recommended them to colleague and her and boyfriend both ordered and had no problems!
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