Groups anybody hear of them?

    Just checked my credit card and there is a debit and a credit of £2-50 on the same day for this company. I have never heard of them let alone purchased form them


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    i dont wanna buy from them i wanna know how they managed t atke money off me when ive never even heard of them:?

    Yeah I know

    Just showing they're a real company.

    Uh, ring your card issuer up?

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    thanks t0mm seems im not the only one to have had this happen, phoned CC and they said they have no idea nor can they investigate as money has been returned, i said how dd they get the money in the first place without my security number, card number etc, etc and same response they have no idea…205…151


    card number harvesting?

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    Weird. card number harvesting?

    yes, it seems, i remember now going through quidco for a sim months and months ago, as have all the others
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