Buzz Agent Campaign...... new trial


    Just received an email inviting me to join their latest trial
    Philips Steam Generator iron.

    Only downside is that this campaign will cost you £20 but the iron is worth around £100, so if you are needing one it's well worth it.

    I've just done a search for reviews and it scored really well.


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    Use the forum search tool for this

    many people have got the Iron and say its great

    Eeeeexcellent! This has been going a while now I believe as lots of people have already been invited and received theirs. I was a touch miffed for not getting invited but just checked my homepage again when I saw your post and I've been invited too now. Yay! I hate ironing, I really hope this helps. :thumbsup:

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    Use the forum search tool for this many people have got the Iron and say … Use the forum search tool for this many people have got the Iron and say its great

    Sorry, didn't realise it had been posted before. I've just done a further 4 searches with different spellings before finding the original post.

    If I had added to the end of the forum to bump it up, would it have made to the top of the hot or new lists (so it's recent) or would it have just stayed where it is? .... I hope that makes sense.

    no need to be sorry masj2008 :thumbsup:

    I would say go for it becuase it seems a good iron, if not it would make a great gift for a friend or the mother in law

    i got one around a month ago and it's great!

    when i complete the form i get a message saying
    'telephone number must be a valid UK number with a leading zero'
    i'm putting in the correct number, any ideas any one??
    really need this iron!!!

    try 020*-***-****

    *= your numbers

    hope it helps

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    I've signed up...... now they just need to human cleaners, now that would be a trial I'd sign up for!

    got mine last week - i only signed up for the iron, well worth £20 :thumbsup:


    try 020*-***-*****= your numbers hope it helps


    it worked, now fingers crossed I can get the iron!!

    I got mine about 3 weeks ago. Its brilliant! You also get 4 £20 off vouchers for tescos to purchase one to give to friends.

    i have just recieved the invite to join this campaign for the iron yeah and i only signed up about 2 weeks ago

    recieved the steam generater best £20 i ever spent, needed a new iron as flex was going on now old one, cant wait for my next pile of ironing at weekend how sad is that lol

    I got one of these as well, to be honest I did think of selling it on, BUT after I tried it I loved it and use it every day now, the new campaign is for the new activia yogurts, so we should get vouchers for free yogurts, so if you havent signed up yet its well worth doing so.

    I got this iron about a month. its not the best out there. I already had a tefal and they are alot more value for your money. I find the philips very flimsy.
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