buzz lightyear toy, best price?

Found 20th Sep 2010
I'm just wondering what kind of prices people have seen the buzz lightyear deluxe toy (the interactive one with 60 phrases) advertised at please?
Thinking of getting it for my son for Christmas, but trying to avoid paying full whack - he's disabled and wouldn't be able to use some of the features on it, but the fact that its voice activated makes it ideal!
I think the cheapest I can see is about £41 on amazon, then p&p on top of that.
Thanks in advance
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Under £40 at Play - possible Quidco:
I think thats a different one, this is the one needed…8-1

Its very confusing!
I see what you mean!

I see that very sell it - there may be a few codes that might work - it's £50.

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why not just get the one from the disney store for £20, that's still got a load of phrases.
is it voice activated? does it respond when knocked over? they are the features I need for my son
Might try the very one, I'd be a new customer there so codes may work

Might try the very one, I'd be a new customer there so codes may work

Try ZQ322 - I've just used that for £20 off £50 spend. I ordered the Toy Story Bullseye. Getting in before the panic buying begins with everyone as think the TS toys will be hard to get. There's no talking Woody or Jessie in any of the Disney stores in Edinburgh. I had to order mine online. They're only £20 there with 20-odd phrases which will keep my two quiet for a bit!
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