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Found 1st Jun 2018
has anybody been offered anything good with bt. I'm the kind of person that shifts provider every year to get the best deal but I'm actually very happy with bt's service so would like to stay put of the price is right. I did pay £58p/month for phone/infinity 1 / entertainment plus with kids and btsports all in HD and SIM only deal with unlimited calls,text and 20gb data. my discounts have just ran out and it's gone up to the wrong side of £80. all I've been offered so far is on my mobile which is £20p/m for 30gb data.

any decent offers out there?

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Just try again another day / time, or phone up and ask to be put through to cancellations.
Sometimes it just depends on the person.
I rang up to cancel and they offered to freeze my current price guaranteed for 2 years under a 2 year contract so I accepted.
When I cancelled the retention deal they offered me wasn't anything special so I left.
Guy said they couldn't do any better. I just wanted to pay the same price I was paying before the initial 12 months were up like new people signing up.
If you have Superfast Fibre (Previously Infinity 1) and BT Mobile, ask them for a BT Plus deal.
BT Plus deals are usually cheaper, your mobile data is doubled and you get the keep connected promise, ask to speak with their loyalty team.
I tried getting any kind of retention deal and they basically stayed silent on the other end of the phone. Clearly BT don't want to retain customers.
Finally got round to ringing bt to see what they could offer. As I said I didn't really want to leave by unless I had to but was please that I was offered the same package for my same introductory price I paid 12 months ago. So about £58 all in. Happy with that.

That's another 12 months sorted
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