speedfan? or something like that i used to use

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    i'm trying speedfan now

    just keep an eye on the temp aswell :thumbsup:

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    lol When was the last time you cleaned the induction route on the unit?

    My system unit started to sound like sleazy jet taking off.......then when I looked inside the unit and on the filters, they were all clogged up........

    cleaned out the inside of the PC, the filter units and the grids...and voila.....has been running totally silent ever since... :-D

    of course....if its not that then your gubbed....:p

    wouldn't mess with fan speed if its getting that hot

    steven is totally right its probably just full of dust

    i have both sides off and a 12 inch desk fan blowing through my cpu temp is around 28c idle and mobo is 29c turn it off i get cpu 38c mobo 48c lol

    Just opened my pc as the fans were getting really loud..... OMG the dust was unbelievable I'm such a lazy git.
    Any way got wife to give it the once over with the vac and now everything fine and quite.
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