With a month to go until the close of the official consultation on Greater Manchesters Congestion Charge proposals, we want to ask you to take two minutes to click the link below and let our councils know you strongly oppose charging plans by filling in the public response form at:


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    Original Poster Banned


    The transport proposals the charge would fund are simply badly thought out and offer poor value for money.


    The charge could cost you up to £1200 every year just to use your car
    Too big - current proposals would create the world’s largest congestion charging zone - that’s 80sq miles in Manchester versus only 2sq miles in Singapore and Rome or 11sq miles in Stockholm and 8sq miles for the original London zone.
    Not effective - Over such a large area, the promised improvements will not make public transport a practical, safe, cheap, door-to-door alternative to the car for most of us
    No guarantees - There are no guarantees on charging times, pricing or zone boundaries. In London, the zone’s size doubled and charges rose by 60% after just two years
    Knock on costs for us all - Even if you don’t drive, additional costs to business will be passed on through shops, pubs and other outlets
    Out on our own - Edinburgh, Birmingham, Norwich and Cambridge have already said No to congestion charging
    We could invest much less to achieve much, much more, without needing a congestion charge. There are many unexplored alternative ways to reduce congestion and fund transport improvements without a charge. Manchester deserves better, we must explore them fully.

    If Birmingham brought in congestion charging, then i'd be moving out :thumbsup:

    the ironic thing is that the councillors who want the c-charge will still travel to work in their cars and guess who'll pay the cost.
    I live on the boundary proposed for the inner ring charge and will be voting no but dont think it will make a difference, all the extra £3bn will mean is that there will be more 192 and 42 buses but no more extra buses on the unprofitable routes. The proposed tram extension wont go near my house and will be another waste of money(only used it once in 15 odd years)
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