C Class audio MUTED.... help!

    Hi, my friend has recently bought a 2005 mercedes. He said he was listening to the radio and he accidently pressed something and now it says muted on the display. He has pressed every button but can't turn it off. The car didn't come with a manual. Does anyone know how to turn it off. Thanks


    Is this the image ? Mute button above the call cancel button

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    No, thats not the image. It does have that button though and he did press it while i was there but that didn't work,

    Has he got the radio code. Could reset ?


    phone your local mercedes car dealer and see what they say. :thumbsup:

    turn up th volume? Usually works.

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    I've pressed every button on the dashboard but it still displays muted on the screen. Can anyone help. The system is like this one…jpg
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