C0000221 - Bad Image Checksum. please help

Found 22nd Sep 2007
when i try turning on my laptop after the windows xp logo thing a blue screen comes out saying C"Stop: c0000221 {bad image checksum}
The image rpcrt4.dll is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum." i tried re installing windows xp but didnt work. formatted the hard disk but still doesnt work. anyone know or has had this problem and has fixed it? please any help is appreciated.
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Have you tried running a memory test on it? Your laptop may have a built in diagnostics package, if not you could try burning memtest86 to a cd and running that to see if its a memory fault memtest86.com/mem…zip
i cant access windows. i can access the reapir console though.
memtest is available as a bootable cd.

]Memtest Bootable ISO

Looking at the .dll file though 'rpcrt4.dll is the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) API, used by Windows applications for network and Internet communication'

Have you tried booting into 'windows safe mode without networking'... sounds like network error.

EDIT: another possiblility is your HDD:

]HDD related rpcrt4.dll

These are some possiblitities i just googled in between a wedding and the reception ;-) Will have a look a little more tomorrow.
cant access safe mode wont even go to that option. i tried to get my other laptops hard drive but its different. can anyone help me find a hard drive which is cheap and will fit this laptop:
toshiba a100-225. or basically like this one item number:160158614128 but maybe a 80gb,60gb.
will rep anyone who can find a good one.
Could be faulty RAM or a corrupt file.

If you have two sticks of ram try taking one out and see if it boots up then.
swap them over until you find the faulty one.

(reseating the RAM may cure the problem)

If it is a corrupt file, you may need to reinstall windows if you can not recover/replace the file.
Personally I would let the memtest run until it is complete, it can take a while to do this, sometimes several hours.

If it reports ok, then scan the hard drive for errors.

What version of Xp, home or pro? & is sp2 built in on the install disc or is it a restore disc?
ok thanks guys for help. repped. wat im doing now is formatting the hard disk fully not the quik one. this is taking for ever since my last post it is still formatting and its only on 55%.
the furthest ive been up to is the screen which installs xp. after about 1 minute it just reboots and then the blue screen comes out.
Another option if you find windows in conjunction with the problematic hardware is causing the problem is to try a Bart PE bootdisk. I have used this on several occasions to bypass windows and run diagnostic checks on systems.


It may help if all else fails... at least you might find that with this you can run an environment where tests can be made other than in DOS.
thanks for that. so do i just put that on a cd and boot it from the cd?
Yep... follow the instructions, but basically burn img to a cd, make sure your bios is set to cd as first boot device, then boot with the cd in your drive.

edit: looking at this you may have to unpack to a hdd on another machine first. Look at the corporate modboot section, it links you to and tells you how to add some good utils to your final disk. May be worth trying a few out if all else fails. Looking at this section though the cd already comes with memtest and a hdd checker... which may be your first port of call.
Alternatively try Ultimate Boot CD 4 - this is basically a ready made version, fairly sure it's free to download as it uses non-commerical apps. It is a self contained operating system on the CD and has various useful tools such as network support, web browser, file explorer and disk checking tools.

The difference between a quick format and a full format is that the system does a full scandisk as well as formatting it. I've had mixed results with it though, I've had drives that would not complete a full format leading me to believe there may be an issue with them but they've been fine with a quick format.

I'm a bit puzzled how it's the same file each time, if Windows had gone wrong with some other error and then this file was preventing installation I'd suspect the install media but the fact it consistently errors on that file is odd. When doing a chkdsk make sure you set both /F and /R

im gonna try out Ultimate Boot CD 4. but im going to leave the full format to finish which is still at 55%
Chech HDD for bad sectors, let say with "HDD Regenarator".
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