C902 Keypad change

    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased a new keypad for my C902 as one of my buttons has popped off !

    Is there a guide anywhere to swap this as I cant seem to find one......



    Not the easiest of phones to do it on mate,…php full disassembly guide you have to do most of it to get to the keypad! Will the 2 year SE warranty not cover it?

    EDIT FORGET THAT ^^^^^^^^^^^

    you don't need to take it apart fully
    step 1) where it says "cybershot" ( sometimes network branding etc)undeneath the digits
    insert small blade,that panel will come away.

    step 2) carefully lift off the clear rubber slip that is poking out from under the keys ..the keys will then lift off too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, I'll give it ago wen the keypad comes !

    My "Off" button has come off, hanging on by a thread......


    As I remember mate, its pretty much double sided tape holding the whole thing on, it shouldnt be a problem taking it off, its a lot more awkward usually to get the new one to stay on properly use some double sided tape on the edges if the new keypad doesnt already come with it... Remember not to cover the key domes obviously

    Original Poster

    Thanks all.

    Just for reference, I had mine off & on in under 30 seconds, it's that easy !!

    Pick of the "Cybershot" sticker from the bottom, pull keypad off using the attached rubber pad, then stick new keypad on. Put sticker back on & jobs done.

    It was only £2.50 from eBay as well.

    Repped you all
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