C905 on Orange £30/12m- is this a good deal?

    As it says in the title really. I am after a C905, but don't want to get locked into a long contract. I really want to stay with my current provider 02, but they haven't suggested any good offers. I called Orange who offered me:

    C905 free
    350 mins and 250 texts for £30 on a 12 month contract.
    Magic number too.

    I was thinking of buying online for quidco etc but I cannot find the same deal quite as cheaply.

    Also as an aside, are 3rd party sellers as good to deal with as buying direct from supplier? Have seen some other good deals on Dialaphone but wasn't sure.

    Thanks in advance!


    It's about the same as t-mobile from tescocontract mobiles. i think it's 300 mins and 300 texts with them.

    Take into account that orange coverage can be pretty poor in some areas, im just about to change to o2 from orange cause the signals so bad

    Saw in T-Mobile shop they have 350 minutes and unlimited texts for £15, not sure how long the contract is or whether its sim only or not but thought it was a good deal anyway!

    I got the c905 from o2 for 18 months, 600 mins, 1000 texts plus the unlimited web bolt-on

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    Hmmm, maybe I need to call O2 retentions again. I asked in the T-Mobile shop about the 300 mins and 200 texts, and the two guys in there looked at me like I was from another planet, laughed, and denied any such deal existed as the handset was so expensive. Will keep hunting I think. Thanks everyone!

    I just spoke to O2 retentions and am getting the following deal:

    £10 pcm
    18 month contract
    200 mins & 400 texts
    Free C905

    They had initially offered me the deal with £150 credit (essentialy 15 months free) but i changed that for the C905 instead. Seems like a bargain to me!

    O2 retentions? do you have a number for them? thx
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