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Found 26th Jun 2008
Hi All,

I'm looking for a suitable cabinet to put a 32-42" TV on, it needs to be quite tall and have sufficient space inside to fit an XBOX360 with enough airflow so it won't overheat (I'm happy to drill holes in the back) - I have a falcon-based 360 and even after 6 hours straight gaming it isn't even hot, so I'm not *too* worried about it overheating. Even if it does I have a 3 year straight-swap warranty :P

The main point of this is to try and dampen some of the noise because at the moment I never feel like playing it since it sounds like a jet when out in the open.

I have a picture of somebody elses setup (I hope they don't mind me posting it)
Which is pretty much what I'm looking for, but unfortunately his was custom made (not in the UK either) so that's not an option.

If anyone could give any links to cabinets like the one in the picture that would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Nobody? :cry:
I thought this was a thread about Labour's trouncing in Henley.

are truly excellent, not cheap - but quality!
Hmm thanks foulone that's almost exactly what I'm looking for - don't think I can afford £1659 for a cabinet though unfortunately, to pay that I'd have to sell everything I was going to put on/in the cabinet :p. Perhaps I'll have to forget that idea.
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