cable advice for home cinema please

    Hi there,

    I was hoping for some advice on what cables to pick for my new "home cinema" for my gym/games room as I really know nothing about this kind of thing...

    The equipment I will have will be:
    Panasonic 42PX80B
    Samsung HT-TZ315R home cinema system
    Sky + box
    Nintendo Wii

    I want it all connected up so that I can make full use of the home cinema system (and ALL of the speakers) with all the equipment. The cables I'm thinking of getting are as follows:

    Ixos XHD308 optical cable (£29.15) to connect Sky + to home cinema
    Ixos XHT288 hdmi cable (£48.92) to connect home cinema to TV
    Ixos XHT251 scart lead (£15.65) to connect Sky + to TV

    As far as I know that covers the TV, Sky+ and home cinema system cables, but I'm not sure exactly what I need to get for the Wii so I can connect it to the TV and home cinema system?

    Also I've basically gone to and choosen the cheapest Ixos cable, if you think I've made bad choices/could make better choices please let me know...



    There's been a geat deal of discussion about HDMI cables and the general opinion seems to be that cheap ones are as good as the expensive ones....

    If you don't get any help on here - try the avforums....

    how long will the cables need to be?

    Original Poster


    how long will the cables need to be?

    around 2 metres each. thanks

    To be in honest i would just go for cheap/middle of the road optical cable and hdmi, i wouldn't bother with the ixos ones. The scart may be worth spending a little more cash on as your more likely to notice a difference, as it says in the link, with digital signals there is little if any improvement in quality in the expensive cables over the cheap ones.
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