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    What is the cable called that goes from the back of your destop pc to the monitor?

    I know one of the ends has a like kettle plug adapter


    Mains IEC Lead...

    Male to Female at a guess.

    You don't have to use that option, you can just get a Mains IEC Lead and skip running through the tower.

    if it's got a kettle type plug then it's the mains lead

    If it's the other cable then it's a VGA lead.
    Do you mean this one?

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    right ill try and find more info on this lol, the girl imasking for is not here but im sure its that one foxy

    I'd assume that the VGA lead is being referred to, since it's from the PC to the monitor (as the monitor and PC have seperate power cables) - if it looks like this:
    Then it is indeed a VGA lead.
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