Cable tidy using TV Stand


    I have a TV Stand which is great for keeping HDMi leads tidy but what the best way to keep equipment power leads tidy.

    I seem to have lots of untidy power lead cables due to them being to long what do you use to keep them tidy.


    a big scissor and a big bin

    cable tidy from pound land x

    I always keep the cable ties from things like kids xmas presents, etc . Great for tidying cables around the house, and i use them a lot to tidy up the insides of any PCs i build also. Good for keeping cables aways from processor fans and to make space for anything thats gonna chuck out heat.

    pound land again big bag of cable ties/tie wraps x

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    would one pf these be good for power leads…gif

    or should I use Velcro

    I will be wrapping 4 power leads
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    always worth labeling them up near the plug to see which one goes where


    would one pf these be good for power leads … would one pf these be good for power leads [url=][/url]or should I use VelcroI will be wrapping 4 power leads…013
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