Cable Tv Only

    Does Anyone know if telewest will install the basic tv package only,
    Dont need internet or phone,
    Thanx 4 any help


    of course

    virgin media might...

    Original Poster

    Just Tried Virgin Media That Run Telewest In My Area and They said
    Dont Do Tv on its Own only with either internet or phone package,
    Thanks for your help,
    anyone finds out different please post,

    You can get tv package + phone line from virgin for very cheap anyway. So you can look at it as though the phone line is free, Just dont use it if you dont want it?

    badger Virgin - I rang to get just TV installed for the girlfriend and they said no problem. She rang to arrange it and was told they don't do just TV. I rang again and it was no problem. Seems to be who you get on the other end - they try to sell as big a package as poss, just stand your ground.
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