Cables to connect PC to LCD TV

Found 19th Sep 2007

Now the proud owner of a shiny new Samsung LCD TV & now wondering about how I might be able to attach my PC to it (theres around 6 metres between the 2).

The Telly has spare HDMI slots and also has a PC in (Dsub) so looking for the most "bang for buck" way to hook the 2 up given the distance between them.

Cheers for any advice.

My graphics card is a 7900gs & the TV is a johnlewis.com/Tec…spx
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Tomb, I hope you did not pay £799 from John Lewis. It might have a 5 year guarantee, but Dixons online are doing the same tv (just a model number exclusive to Dixons) for £584 if you use the discount code.

I was going to request the same thing about cabes Tomb, so I will wait to see the response in this thread.
Hi DinoM

Yes I did buy it from John Lewis !!!..................

................but I paid £599 including 5yr guarantee - well chuffed :-)

Good old JL & their pricematch policy.
I connected my new PC/tv with VGA male to male leads from ebay (not sure if it's ok mentioning that place on here?) - I only needed a 2m lead and that cost only around £2-3 and works perfectly. I just had a nosey on there and for 5m leads you're looking around £8, or for 10m around £12 (delivered). When I was looking at similar leads from the major high street stores, they were around double that.

There may be cheaper alternate online though (ebuyer are worth looking at).
Ditto what Matt says. I just wanted to add onto it that I've tried running it with a DVI to HDMI cable, but if I do that, it refuses to run at the screen's native resolution, meaning the image has to be upscaled, which looks uglier than your typical Welshman. So aye, fetch yourself a VGA cable and you'll be happy.
and for sound a 3.5mm to 3.5mm mini jack cable.
you can get around 10m for 4 quid, well cheap.
IMO the best option is VGA to VGA with audio cable built in.

This is what I have with my laptop, also with Samsung LCD. It saves you having to buy a separate wire for audio, as it has one built into each end of the VGA cable. Looks tidier as well having less wires.

Check out Ebay item 220150329521

I have the same cable bought from this seller, absolutely top stuff
Thanks for that guys

VGA to VGA with audio here I come :-)
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