Cabling for my new LCD TV/Xbox360


    Just bought myself a new LCD TV from the Co-Op
    (If your interested:…-BK )

    I want to hook this upto my Xbox 360 - but I bought a core pack so didn't get any cables to use for HD.

    What do I need to get the best out of my TV, and where do I get it from?


    You need a component cable since the 360 doesn't support hdmi, have a look on, amazon etc

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    So something like this then:…tml

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    Oooo. Much better! Given you some rep for that EXCELLENT post. lol.

    That is a great price.

    Highguy, you're TV there was only £40 cheaper than my 23" Samsung though.

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    TBH ... 22" was pushing it for space. However, this one has a thin border so it should fit.

    Seen deals for 23, 26 etc but just not got the room. It's just to be used for a bedroom TV, and for use on the Xbox...

    Yeah I mean really I did get a particularly good deal on mine, I'd never go back to CRT now though, this one is really thin too and it goes up to 1080i :-D the PS3 looks incredible on it.

    just to point out apparently the 3rd party component leads are not meant to be as good as the microsoft ones, that comes from people over on avforums and game forums. i have the vga official cable and the componant cable ( official) so i cant tell you if it is true or not, however for £5 and it going on a small tv, i doubt you will notice much difference anyway quality wise.

    if it were going on a 37 incher or larger i would deffo check out to make sure on the quality.

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    Just come back from Argos - Component Cable in hand (woo!).

    Picture looks good - but no sound (boo!).

    Anyone help?

    Have you made sure its plugged in properly lol? Make sure the TV isnt muted or on really quiet. If sound works for other things once you've tried that then i think you have a fault cable.

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    Tried it on AV/ Svideo Connection and Component. Get picture but no sound.

    Must be the cable...

    Best for that is the VGA cable. It comes with optical out, all you need something with optical in (which is most things now days
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