Cadbury advert - eyebrows - 2 x kids - Argggggggggh!!!!!!!!!!! Freaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Found 24th Jan 2009
Anyone? - discuss . . . .

W T F ! ! ! !

I thought the gorilla was bad, and the airport vehicles,but pleeeeeaaassssse . . .


Gorilla was good liked that one ......
The airport one gets right on my nipp**s
and the new one not seen it yet ....will have to look out for it

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Its her.

The rapid eyebrow movement. Argh!!!!


love it:w00t:

lol i havent seen it

dog_cop;4175473 brill

QUE ? no monoborws in that one ? :? lool



QUE ? no monoborws in that one ? :? lool

thats the one before the eyebrows one :whistling:

Freaky but quite funny lol

Not sure what its got to do with chocolate though lmao if giving cadburys to my sons going to make his eyebrows do that he aint having none hahaha x


Made me laugh.

the girl was funny the boy just reminded me of a little boy i know thats a bit of a thicky!!!
didn't help that near the end he looked like he had pooed his pants!!


whilst on the you tube front.. this has me in fits…-go

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Village of the damned!

Freaky little blighters . . .


God that Gorilla advert was rubbish. Thanks for reminding me how much I hated it.

The boy be creepy, the girl even more so. Who knew they'd make an ad more annoying than the gorilla one... But then, I guess it's had the desired effect if I'm sat here going on about it!

I loved the airport one but that one is just weird

they aint kids ..their bloody aliens!!

i loved the gorilla one, hated the trucks one and love this new one.

i loved the wonder bra version of the gorilla advert but cant find it anymore

it's kinda distrubing, especially the wee girl she looks weird lol


i loved the gorilla one, hated the trucks one and love this new one.

Same, i bet their parents are so proud :-D

i love this advert, the lads face goes wierd at the end
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