Cadbury announces Wispa comeback

    The Wispa bar is to make a full comeback following a successful campaign on social networking websites.

    Birmingham-based Cadbury sold 20 million of the bars when it brought the brand back for a seven-week limited run trial in 2007. It had bowed to public pressure after a popular campaign on the Facebook and MySpace websites.

    Cadbury spokesperson Tony Bilsborough said: "Wispa is a true icon loved by its fans everywhere." He added: "We brought it back temporarily to see if the desire was genuine, but fans are still rallying so we took the decision to bring it back for good. We know others have looked at Wispa and tried to copy its success by bringing back other brands, but we don't believe anyone has managed to recreate the same excitement."

    The bar will return to permanent sale on 6 October and cost 45p. It originally cost 16p when it was introduced in 1981. Television adverts for the bubbly-centred bar featured Yes Minister's Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne, Victoria Wood and Julie Walters and Hi-De-Hi's Simon Cadell and Ruth Madoc. It was taken out of production in 2003 after sales fell in the 1990s.


    tis already posted…ck/

    why do i have to wait til october for the relaunch i fancy one right now!

    its quiet sad that thats news tbh

    Original Poster


    tis already posted

    Haha, that's because I spelt "Wispa" wrong when I searched. :-D

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