Cadbury egg & spoon new flavour - Oreo!

    I know most of us are still making our way through the dregs of the Christmas Celebrations and Quality Street that nobody wants but Cadbury have released a new flavour of their egg and spoon range in Oreo flavour! Looks amazing and something a bit different for Easter too.

    If any of you are going to Canada or have relatives there, you can also get Creme egg in Oreo flavour. To be honest I'd prefer the creme egg oreo to the egg and spoon oreo but it's a start I guess. They look amazing and come in protective packaging a bit like Kinder Joy eggs so they don't get damaged either. Lets hope Cadbury bring them over to us soon!



    sorry em but not touched cadbury since mondolez ruined everything good about it,recipes jobs etc,just become an americanised brand now

    When do they go on sale?


    When do they go on sale?

    Well they are for Easter, so probably December 26th 2016.

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    When do they go on sale?

    They are on sale now just sadly not the creme egg ones....


    I'm sure I seen these in the co-op some weeks back.

    I'd rather lick a nettle than by a product from these.
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