cadbury world do you get to eat taste the chocolate?

Found 13th Jan 2012
as above really, taking the kids and they think they are going to be eating chocolate all day. Has anybody been? can you tell me if there are any tasting sessions etc? any info much appreciated thank you
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last time i went was about 5 years ago and you do indeed get to eat chocolate, also gave us free chocolate bars too.
Its like Willie Wonka.
If the kids are naughty.........
here's the zones they have, look's like you will deffo be having alot of free choclate.
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aww I want to go, take me!
Meeeeeee tooooooooooooo
i remember they have a ride for little uns where you sit in a car thing and go past psychodelic singing cocoa beans, bit like a ghost train but with singing beans. was scary oO
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I looked at all the zones and info on the site but cant find any reference to tasting chocolate or eating it, thought it would be a major selling point. Maybe it is supposed to be to obvious to state. Thanks for the input folks but sorry you can't come
Was there just before they were bought over and it was great. They hand out chocolate bars all the way around and there is an area where they have melted chocolate pots and you get to choose some toppings to put in and then eat. Toppings are things like biscuit pieces, jelly sweets etc. Don't know if it is the same now the American plastic cheese company have taken over.
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Great day out. Even got to taste "warm" chocolate made. At the end of the day .....felt a little sick of chocolates, to be honest.....:p
We went just before xmas. We received around 6 choc bars each on the way round, plus the melted choc and my boys signed up for cadbury stripes and got another bar given to them.
Think I got seriously done in when I went!
To be fair, things must have changed as it must have been a good 15 years ago, but all I got was a mini time out bar and a tiny sample of the 'first chocolate' drink- absolutely disgusting!
Hopefully things have improved, as I left seriously disappointed!!
sounds like sick bags may be required on the way home then
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I got lots of chocolate when I went - too much even!.. Loved it!
They have a swimming pool of chocolate now*

*may not be true

me and you in a paradise of choc

we can mate....i mean date

how bout it


aww I want to go, take me!

went only last year did the cadbury world and safari with national holidays plus overnight stay was £79 a great deal but YES you do get a small tub of yummy hot cadburys chocolate also you will be given free bars of cadbury choc more yummy I stocked up for xmas in the shop and bought loads of cadbury coins my little Granddaughter loves finding them ha. theres also loads of stuff in the shop which you cant buy normally. Enjoy
trip advisor'd it and the reviews were really BAD!
i am going for my 11th b day
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